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 Welcome to the world of Kelanmee Shetland Sheepdogs! 

 Our shelties are a family passion. Together with my son Luke, we currently campaign Shetlland Sheepdogs.  I have been involved with Collie Roughs, Corgi's and horses.  We commenced showing in 1997 with Max - Ch. Cedine Dallas Gold. A beautiful shaded sable campaigned to Best in Specialty Show and title we were hooked.  Since our commencement we have bred and/or campaigned some 15 Champions including two Supreme Champions - litter brother and sister, the only ones in Australia to have achieved this award - Supreme Champion Kelanmee Top Deck 'Decker' and Supreme Champion Kelanmee Autumn Aria 'Sophia'. Both have been awarded Best in Show at Specialty level. 

Our shelties are bred on true English pedigrees and are always rewarded accordingly. Shelties featured on our website have all been high achievers and have been awarded by Specialist, Australian and International Judges, at All Breeds, Specialty and the Sydney Royal Easter Show, such an excellent achievement. 

Our Shelties have been successfully campaigned throughout Australia and New Zealand. Supreme Ch. Kelanmee Richly Decked marks our 10th Champion and his progeny are certainly making us proud. 8 Champions he produced including the two beautiful bitches below 'Sammantha' and 'Lara'. Our shelties have exceptional temperaments and we are pleased that this breeds into our lines.  We have produced further Champions over the years that have given us much pleasure in and out of the showring.



Ch. Kelanmee Decked in   Jewells 'Lara' (below) was campaigned in Perth and the Northern Territory and is now retired with a loving family in Perth.


NZ/Australian Champion Kelanmee Decked in Diamonds

Lovingly owned by Ray and Lee Greer in New Zealand, Sammie, NZ/Australian Ch. Kelanmee Decked in Diamonds was successfully shown gaining multiple Specialty wins and an All Breeds along the way. Sammie's progeny gaining their title, well done all round!


Breeding and showing our dogs has giving us an enormous amount of pleasure and we have shared this with many fellow breeders. 


Kim Tresidder
Southern Highlands, NSW


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